The pager on the media browser's library tab does not actually advance the user through the view. I noticed the problem on 2.0-unstable7 and so updated to the latest 2.0-dev and had the same effect.

All other pagers on views around the site work. Already tried changing the ID on the pager to see if that would have any impact. It looks like the links in the pager do not include any references to the pages.

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Any traction on this? I'm having the same problem.

I just retired this with the Dev release from 7/17/2013, and while I now see references to the page numbers in the links, it continues to load just the first page.
If I load the link from the pager directly in its own window, I get the right page, but the pager there does not reload correctly either.

Link for page 3 in pager:[image]=image&types[video]=video&enabledPlugins[upload]=upload&enabledPlugins[media_default--media_browser_1]=media_default--media_browser_1&enabledPlugins[media_internet]=media_internet&schemes[kaltura]=kaltura&schemes[vimeo]=vimeo&schemes[youtube]=youtube&schemes[public]=public&schemes[private]=private&file_directory=signature_media&file_extensions=jpg%20jpeg%20gif%20png&uri_scheme=public&plugins=undefined&render=media-popup&activePlugins=&max_filesize=

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I'm not seeing this behavior on the latest media and file_entity - 2.x-devs. I tested on two different sites. Are you getting any javascript errors in your console?

Does this happen on a fresh install? Did you modify the media browser view?

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I've experiencing this with the latest -dev for both file_entity and media, will see what I can do to dig into it.

A part of this problem also happens when filtering the list - it updates the display but does not update, so any files that were not part of the original list are no longer selectable, it just gives the olde "You have not selected anything" error.

FYI previewing the view itself via the Views UI, and it works just fine. Go figure.

So, on with the debugging.

When loading a page via the media browser page (/media/browser?render=media-popup&types%5B%5D=image&types%5B%5D=video&activePlugins=&enabledPlugins%5B%5D=upload&enabledPlugins%5B%5D=media_default--media_browser_1&enabledPlugins%5B%5D=media_internet&file_directory=&id=media_wysiwyg&plugins=undefined), the XHR call returns the following:

When loading it from the Views UI it returns the following:

The thick plotten.

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This fixes the data returned, you can't have two pagers on the same page with the same pager id.
But it doesn't fix the tab issue, ie the wrong tab is loaded after the ajax finishes loading (but the data is right once you switch tabs)

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This fixes the js too, there are some .error.clientside-error elements on each tab, which means the tabs just keep borking.

The new code filters the .clientside-error ones out first.

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There was a typo, you had errorTabId instead of errorTabID. Also I reformatted those few lines of code to match the formatting used elsewhere in the file.

FYI this still doesn't solve the problem for my site.

FWIW, I do not experience any of the issues mentioned here. The patch looks innocuous enough.

I applied the patch in #11 to the dev from August (current), and it also does not resolve the problem for me.