I don't know how the EntityNG conversions factor in to all of this, but as far as ConfigEntity goes, all of the "entity keys" (id/label/bundle/uuid) are public properties. They shouldn't be. We should work toward making them all protected.

This is just a first attempt. To see what happens.

protected-properties-ftw.patch16.97 KBtim.plunkett
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The last submitted patch, protected-properties-ftw.patch, failed testing.

Suppose better to split this into set of issues to fix each module separate

This doesn't go in the same direction as EntityNG. EntityNG does, in fact, *remove* them completely, they are currently on there for autocomplete support but if we move to interfaces, there's not much point in keeping that either.

Oh. I don't think we should make everything protected. Just stuff that should never change, like metadata and the unique identifiers.

EntityNG does not make that difference. Everything that is a field of an entity (this includes id's, everything is a field) is access as a property but through magic getters.

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