My site is

The pictures people upload aren't showing up now at all. I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the directory. I have a picture of the error:

Please help me I know this is a very simple issue.


Check the folder in which the images are getting uploaded.Try giving write permission to the folder.
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I have given permissions to that folder, it has not fixed the issue. To make sure, what folder is that? Or where can I click to be sure I know where the images are getting uploaded?

Please check this URL :

First check if the image is there in the folder.

yea there is one image in there that i uploaded. that image isnt showing up on the site and neither is another image someone uploaded. that one was not in the folder you just mentioned though.. i dont understand why its so mysterious but I am grateful for your help

Rename your .htaccess file from the directory where images are getting loaded (sites/default/files) and check whether images are getting displayed or not.
If still images do not appear, rename your ,htaccess file as original.

Let me know if this helps!

what should i rename it? its not letting me rename it anyway.. this seems like a simple problem. images arent showing up. at all. i had to take the banner down for the theme im using because even that stopped displaying images. youtube videos work great but pictures are failing

If you cannot rename the file then take a copy of the same and delete it.
Later you can add the copied file back into the folder

i dont understand

Copy your .htaccess file from the files directory and paste it in a safe location on your system (if you are running the site on your local). If the files are in your FTP, then simply download it on your system and remove the file from FTP.
After removal of file, check whether images are appearing or not. If images don't appear then place back the file in the location

Check the file system settings in the backend.(Admin>>Config>>file system)
Check the path of the Public file system path.
Also just tmp is enough in the temporary directory field.

Hope this will work...

All the best !

it's still not working. I am just going to reinstall drupal because it's all messed up even though i just made it. the pictures worked at first and I'm pretty sure I didn't mess with anything too important. It's just not finding displaying the pictures. There are so many ways to make a mess out of this program it's ridiculous

its not typically drupal that is the problem it's a lack of understanding of the underlying software, php - apache and mysql.

if the resized image wasn't included in the folder mentioned above, it's because the file wasn't stored there after it was resized. Did you check your error logs? I'd venture that there is an error that states drupal can't write to the folder which indicates that somewhere folder permissions on the server are incorrect either on the folder where the file is stored or somewhere further up the folder structure.