In BOA 2.0.7 stable IDN site creation login link without www. gives page not found error using www. leads to login page

The login link uses the accented url, not the xn-- punycode url

In fact the problem is much worse - the site without the www does not resolve at all now.

This may be related to - no o_contrib_seven modules (or directory) is created when adding a static platform and site to it.

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The vhost file looks ok:

server {
include /data/disk/fast3/config/includes/fastcgi_params.conf;
limit_conn gulag 32; # like mod_evasive - this allows max 32 simultaneous connections from one IP address
listen *:80;
root /data/disk/fast3/static/platforms/7c;
# Extra configuration from modules:
include /data/disk/fast3/config/includes/nginx_modern_include.conf;

So maybe we should remove that on-the-fly conversion we have added, if this needs deeper integration in Aegir: #1899838: IDN domain names on-the-fly conversion

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But what you mean by "the site without the www does not resolve at all now" ? I don't see how this "does not resolve" is related?

I mean that only www.hébé.com, for example, (or its punycode xn--h ;;; equivalent) resolves in the browser, and that hébé.com, or its punycode www.xn--h ... equivalent, gives a browser page not found error

The good news is that the IDN site does now save (for example when I edit it to change the frequency of the cron runs) in the aegir UI, so I imagine I can clone it and everything now - I am testing this currently.

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If some (any) site name doesn't resolve, then it is a DNS problem and not a BOA or Aegir problem, I think.

I just tested this, and while the login link does use non-IDN format, the browser is smart enough to understand it and convert on the fly, so it shouldn't be any problem.


I added the IDN site to a newly created static profile, and the o_contrib_seven modules weren't symlinked to it yet. SO I just ran the /var/xdrago/ script, reverified the platform, the site and flushed caches and both the hébé.com and the www.hébé.com version are now working fine.

I am testing this with another IDN on the only other boa server I run - with mariadb, now.

There is still a problem with aegir and IDN's - I tried to run a clone of the IDN and the same error - invalid name - so I cannot clone an IDN in 2.0.7 stable. I'll try again tomorrow, as the site was just created today, but I did run all the crontab scripts 30 min ago.

I am now testing this on the other server which has had the script run before attempting installation of an IDN

Please provide example names you are using, which result with invalid name error on clone attempt.

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You have not specified a valid domain name. IP address is not allowed. Lower case only.

You may want to read our best recipes for disaster before going further. You can make a copy of your site using this form, but avoid changing its platform here at the same time. If you wish to securely change the platform this site (or its cloned copy) is hosted on, Clone it in its current platform first and then use Migrate to move it to the new platform. Hint: if you wish to change only the main domain of your site, use Migrate, not Clone.
Domain name:
The new domain name of the clone site.

I can confirm that installing an IDN on a platform that has existed more than 24 hours on a stable 2.0.7 with mariaDB does work perfectly - the email link works and the site resolves in the browser with and w/o the www. I will wait 24 hours before verifying or attempting to clone this IDN site, and follow up then. The original error I got was for the other server running percona - I'm testing that on an established platform and will update tomorrow.

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Ah, foo.xn-- subdomains have been fixed in head:

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I can confirm that there is no problem whatever with installing an IDN and using the link provided in the email and having both and resolve - as long as the platform has the o_contrib_seven modules symlink in it - it must be related to this.

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I have no idea how it is related to o_contrib_seven, but if it does help, that is OK. Thanks for the confirmation.

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