I have one question that's bugging me a lot. How does the system understand that a message has been viewed??? If it was a node then the viewing event would be clicking the node title (and directed to full node) but i don't understand what's the event for message viewing. I need this to work some rules (using the "A message has been viewed condition) and i can't quite get it.


Title:What exactky is the event that has to occur in order for a message to be marked as viewed?What exactly is the event that has to occur in order for a message to be marked as viewed?

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There is no out of the box mechanism to mark as viewed. You can use fields on the user entity to mark the last viewed message.

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I think this is an open documentation issue.

There is an event for Rules: "Message is viewed" but it is not clear when this action is triggered. Or how it can be triggered programmatically etc...

the event is probably triggered when the message is rendered somewhere such as in views.

I am currently working on a message notification center: https://drupal.org/sandbox/baumeier.it/2078043 I have all known bugs fixed and will work on documentation and the remaining wishlist.MD entries next. There's a screencast showing the basic functionality, but it's from the earlier prototypes. The current status has more features and configuration options. Any feedback and help is appreciated. (even later when this goes into "application for full project access".

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