Do you have a list of remaining items before a 7.x-1.13 can be rolled. Unfortunately Spark needs to include the dev release of this module post the 1.12 release, which makes update status go hoopla and notifying users that there is a security fix available, while we ship with a *later* version of the module than 1.12. So I'm wondering what are the plans with the 1.13 version, any release blockers?


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I was wondering if it would not be nice to go ahead wit the media compatibility fixes, but the issues you pointed our are definitely good enough to change the plans a little bit.

So, considering that the dev version of CKEditor module is quite stable now, 7.x-1.13 should be released tomorrow.

Superb, thanks!

Great. I'm waiting for this, too. Thanks!

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This seems to be out now! I've updated the Spark distro as well. Thanks a lot!

No problem at all! :-)

Also referenced in Edit 1.0-alpha10's README as the recommended minimum version.

Well, Scald joined the party too

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