It looks like it (modulo a few potential bugs), based on a quick scan of the Issues queue, but I thought I'd do a quick check before embarking on a round of updates. Any issues to be aware of? Thanks!


The most important thing: you should read about ACF and config.allowedContent introduced in 4.1

Will do; thanks!

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No its not. Above 3.66. doesn't work. There is another issue on that. Sorry for not linking to that issue, but i haven't been able to find it again.
Maybe 4.1 will work in 6.x-1.14.

I'v just installed 6.x-1.14 and 4.1 on 11 (eleven) sites. It seems to be ok.
But perhaps you have to update the skin. Karma is not in 4.1. On you can download other skins as Moonocolor.

Yep, the problem could be in the default skin, that was in 6.x-1.x set to Kama by default. I just changed it to moono in the latest stable release. You can change the skin at any time in CKEditor profile settings.

FWIW, I just installed 6.x-1.14 with CKEditor 4.1.1, and all is well. Thanks to all involved!

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