Two buttons/links are appearing at the top for "Post New topic" or "Quick Reply" when within the pos, "Edit" and "Delete" buttons are appearing twice as well.

Doesn't happen on Cloudless sky or Nake styles, but for others. I prefer Blue Lagoon.

Anyone else getting multiple buttons or tell me how to remove?
Here is a screen capture: Double Buttons


Update 4-27-13: Just figured out that this is theme related as these double buttons don't appear on Blue Lagoon when using Drupal built-in themes, such as Bartik or Garland. However, hoping someone has had this experience and solved.


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added blank target on link

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It looks like your 3rd party theme is messing with AF css.

If you find error in Blue Lagoon style please report it here.

Problem was with theme, had additional span tag to link elements which Blue Lagoon already has. Removed from template.php and now only appears once.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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