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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Drupal, and more..

We love being part of projects with high impact.

We are proud of our work. We learn, grow and get better each day.

To accomplish our clients' goals we use these skills:

  • user-centered design
  • Drupal based agile webdevelopment
  • accountable online marketing and conversion optimization

Do you want to create a high impact online project? Get in touch with us today.

- GoalGorilla
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Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Active over 5 years, we have build and maintain the following modules on
and we share many more features, modules and themes through:

We co-organize and often sponsor Dinner with Drupal, a local Drupal event in The Netherlands.

We continuously assist the Drupal Association by improving the website with our knowledge of analytics, SEO, conversion optimization and testing.

GoalGorilla's founding partner and Drupal evangelist Taco Potze is on the board of the Dutch Drupal Foundation, which helps organize events as DrupalJam, which GoalGorilla also sponsors.

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goalgorilla, Founding Partner. Contact me on for any questions.

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Contributor to Cleeng, Moneybird Ubercart

Taco Potze, Founding partner

On for 5 years 2 months

Mieszko Czyzyk, Managing Partner Marketing & Optimization

On for 5 years 2 months

jaapjan, Drupal CMS webdeveloping & webdesign

On for 4 years 9 months

Bram Rongen, Drupal Professional

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bramtenhove, Developer

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Contributor to Search Krumo, Moneybird Commerce

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Maikel Koopman, Front-end developer

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Niels van der Molen, Internship web developer

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