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Himachal Pradesh Tours & Travels (http://hptours.org) is a Tourism Information portal for Himachal Pradesh - Hill State of India. This site provides the tourism information divided by the localities or districts of Himachal Pradesh. It helps tourists to explore hidden places of regions and to explore the better source of information. Each subdomain of this site (e.g: http://shimla.hptours.org , http://mandi.hptours.org ) represents the district level of content such as tourism destinations, cuisines, lakes etc.

Currently added subdomains are:

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Drupal was the Best Choice because of flexibility provided by Drupal and thousands of available modules. Domain modules rocks here...!! Requirements were for having district/locality level of tourism information and visibility. Previous experience with Drupal6 was great helpful..!

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Goal & Requirements of Project:-

Our goal was to provide the individual portals for localities of Himachal Pradesh with good control over content from single place. To represent information centrally on one of the main website and then break down the entire layout in different low level of sites.(Microsites).

Our other requirements were:-

  • Independent content admin for locality
  • Locality based tourism destinations
  • Shared design across few of websites

Outcome of Project:

Finally launched http://hptours.org with the all required features. Added the responsive design using Omega theme.!

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Domain Module:-

Key point for our project for providing content access across the different sub sites.

Views & Token & Pathauto

Few main modules we can not live without :P

Facebook comment & Imagecache Actions

User commenting from facebook & sharing images.

Dynamic display block

Slideshow on home page :P

Team members: 
Project team: 

Himalayan Sky (http://himsky.com)

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Nice Project. Many things I have learn from this Project.

Sandip Choudhury