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Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

The Drupal Bootstrap base-theme bridges the gap between Drupal and the Bootstrap Framework.

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  • jQuery Update - 7.x-2.3 or higher. Bootstrap requires a minimum jQuery version of 1.7 or higher. You must manually set this in the configuration after it is installed.


  1. Install the Bootstrap base-theme in a sites/all/themes or a
    respective sites/*/themes folder.
  2. Ensure that jQuery Update has been configured to a minimum version of 1.7 or higher.

IE Compatibility

Bootstrap 3 is not supported in the old Internet Explorer compatibility modes. To be sure you're using the latest rendering mode for IE, consider installing the HTML5 Tools module.

Using Respond.js

The Bootstrap 3 framework requires using Respond.js to enable media queries (responsive design) on Internet Explorer 8. However, Respond.js doesn't work with CSS that's referenced via @import, which is the default way Drupal includes CSS files when CSS aggregation is disabled. For best support of IE8, make sure CSS aggregation is enabled.

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