My site has four webforms. I want to create a view that can display the results of all submissions. Any help please.


What have you tried?
Structure : Views : "Add new view" : "Show : webform submissions"

Yes, I've tried that, but the only fields I can add are to do with the User, IP Address, submission date etc.
I want to display the contents of the name and address fields , telephone numbers etc. for every submission.

Thanks, dman

p.s. I've also tried a relationship to the sid but I can't get that to work either! (have some experience with views but new to webform!)

I need to do the same exact thing and was very surprised it was not straight forward...

I've gone at the problem from a different angle. Given up on the view!


I know it might be a bit late now but maybe this will help others as well...
The module Webform views submitted was a good starting point for me ( - D6)
theres a D7 port available at

with the 4.x branch, i was able use native view module to add webform values into a view table. This was great because the webform mysql view, data, and schema modules all together were causing errors and was quite complicated.

Create a new view, and add a Relationship: Content: Webform submission.

Then, in the Fields section, you can add the field: (Webform Submission) Webform submission data: Value

You will then be able choose the field inside the webform that you want to display in your view. You can't sort by these values in a table, but close enough!

tlash, your answer was just what i was looking for, but i can't seem to get to the last piece. i create a relationship "Content: Webform submission" but then i don't seem to get any new fields, specifically none that show me webform submission data. any thoughts?

In the configure field window fill out the Webform node field, once you do a Component data selection field will enable you to select any fields in the webform.

Does anyone know how to add filters or sorting to the webform data inside the view?


++ I am VERY interested to find an answer to this also!

-Kelly Bell
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Why not using entityforms ?

If you know what you want: Go get it !

Question: Do the forms need to be created with Webforms 4 in order to work with this method? I have some forms created with the latest stable release of Webforms but I updated the 4 beta in order to make a view containing submission data and when I'm asked to specify the webform node, I'm told that that "The specified node is not valid".

I can't think of any other reason why this would happen.

Did you find an answer to this? I would very much like to know if there's a workaround that enables updating of a WF3->4 node!

You will indeed need Webform 4.0 for this to work.