For a new project I need a functionality similar to "Idealo" (deal finder):

IdealoBasicaly the idea is to have a number of vocabularies, e.g. "business size", "industry sector", "manufactured product", ... and allow the user to filter in any of the terms. The hitch though is that each time you select something the number of results for each term needs to be printed.

I wonder if I can do this with this module and if so, can anyone give a little hint? I'm not quiet new to Views or Drupal ( I'm working with Drupal since 5.x. ) but never had such a request from a client before.

Thanks guys



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Anyone here who achieved a similiar functionality with Drupal, Views and this module? Any tips appreciated!

Hi, just in case anyone is interested in this kind of function too.. I found out about Apache Solr, it has "facet search" support which seems to be the keyword for this.

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