How to reproduce:

  1. Enable private files
  2. Upload a private file
  3. Enable file_entity
  4. Go to the edit page for the file and attempt to save it


Expected Results:

  • If the file uses a missing stream wrapper: ???
  • If the file uses a valid stream wrapper but not assigned to the file type: show a warning and a disabled radio for the current scheme?

Maybe a better question, is why file types need to care about schemes at all? This seems to complicate things greatly.


Alternatives, should the file type schemes only matter when creating new files?

I will clarify, I don't think we should remove the scheme selection from the upload form. That seems to be a function that lots of people would actually use. I just don't think there should be any type of association between file type and schemes.

The second expected result would be solved by #1979832: Remove schemes from file types

Title:Files with a missing scheme or scheme not assigned to file type cannot be editedFiles with a missing scheme cannot be edited

Reducing scope now that #1979832: Remove schemes from file types is committed.

Moving to beta blocker