I'm upgrading my site from Drupal 6 to 7. I have a content type that has a cck field (now migrated to core field) and I have view that displays an unformatted list of content of this type (like the front page, but only for this type). The field was not displayed in D6, but it is in D7. How can I hide it?


Have you looked at the "Manage display" tab for the content type. Is the field excluded from the view/build mode?

Hi, thanks, yes, I have field marked as Hidden under the Content Type / Manage Display. But it is still shown in the view.

So you dragged the field down to the hidden fields section at the bottom?

Exactly, but I still see it in the view.

Is the view listing nodes or fields?

If listing nodes, which display mode do you have selected?

I have Format = Unformatted list, configured to show Content, specifically the Teaser.

In the view it displays the field after the teaser, before the "read more" and comments links.

Any chance you have a custom node.tpl.php or content specific node.tpl.php file?