Views Responsive Grids is already been added to Drupal core 8

Problem is with Responsive Bartik D7
for it with Views Responsive Grids

In order for the columns to work you'll need to specify the class name of your columns. For example, if your theme utilizes a grid, like Twitter Bootstrap does, you would specify "span3"


I don't think Responsive Bartik D7 has class name for columns
such as bootstrap

I hope that's helpful :)


I'll take a look at this but the quick answer is that neither Responsive Bartik nor Bartik, from which is was copied, use any type of grid framework.

I have tested the theme with grid. I found that this theme does the same jobs as views response grids in chrome but fails in firefox and IE. The test site is http://www.drupal-s3.kin11.com/ On this template grids are pictures located between advertisement banner and video.

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