Hi - My videos using fields on a node work great - but viewing html source, I see that the iframe src attribute lacks protocol (missing http:, only has //). I believe this is causing a conflict for me for work with Vimeo API (its froogaloop2 library is looking to define "src" for callbacks, but src only works when it has the full http:// bit).

Is this this a module or site config consideration?

Thanks again for the great, simple, easy module!



I'm referring to line #2 in froogaloop2.js:
From https://github.com/vimeo/player-api/blob/master/javascript/froogaloop.js...

  playerDomain = getDomainFromUrl(this.element.getAttribute('src'));

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Visual aid attached.

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Here's a patch to fix this.

thnaks for the patch, works for me.
Without it i wasn't able to controle the vimeo iframe according to this page : http://jsfiddle.net/bdougherty/UTt2K/ because url was incorrect