I Can't add or remove an image via the ajax button while editing a node. I'm not sure if the ajax issue is because of Authcache but regardless of what settings i save in authcache page settings...the ajax error message continually shows [or i think it does] that the edited page is cached.

When I upload an image and try to save it via the ajax :attach" button I also get error message but when I save the edited node the image is saved. I am not able to remove the image, however....keep getting ajax error.

I've actually ploaced three different settings in the pages-not-to-be-cached area and this edited page still seems to be cached. I've also cleared all cache several times between settings.

See screenshots

Only local images are allowed.Only local images are allowed.



Only local images are allowed.Only local images are allowed.

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Corrected image files

The following message is hidden within the bunch of stuff displayed in the Ajax error:

An unrecoverable error occured. The uploaded file likely exceeded the maixmum file size (10 MB) that this server supports.


Another problem however is that the Authcache-JavaScript is errornously appended to the Ajax Response. Please try to add the following path to the list of pages ignored by authcache:


I added the line...didn't correct image issue.

I disabled authcache module, was then able to remove the imabe but it still left me with the warning of the 10mb limit...these images are small.

I saved the node, the image was gone...and even with autch cache disabled it won't allow me to add other images.

I will look into media module, I updated a few weeks ago and the updated version added a table and deleted another one. I have a feeling something is going on there.

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I added the ajax-upload path to the list of paths excluded by default. The rest of the issue is unrelated to authcache, I assume.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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tried to correct screenshots again