This is not possible, and by default roles are not global. Patch attached, but I didn't find a better option than a variable.

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I understand what you want -- but how would this deal with groups that have different settings?

This is a global setting, but how would we guess what the admin wants if we upgrade from a version that does not handles per-group permissions?

Yes, what I mean is that if the roles we request are global (i.e. via settings), then we probably can skip all the parts we try to set the permissions for those groups.

I think these permissions (even global) are required for the good functionning of OG module.

I may not understand what you mean though, have ou any concrete task to fix this issue?

> have ou any concrete task to fix this issue?

Yes, the question is how OgUiSetRoles should behave. Currently it sets permissions per group. How would your use case need it?

Also, I'd be happy to get some docs about this variable, so it won't be completely hidden ;)

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As far as I can see, OgUiSetRoles set anonymous and authenticated permissions relative to group subscription based on the D6 property $node->og_selective.

If I set the variable og_7000_access_field_default_value to FALSE (global roles), OgUiSetRoles runs but has no effect as roles are global.
So I changed my patch to dynamically include OgUiSetRoles depending on the variable and I added documentation.

When global roles are enabled, the admin will still need to check global permissions relative to subscription.

How does that sound?

If the variable is set to TRUE OgUiSetRoles should probably be skipped.

A default value to TRUE means that there is no global roles and that OgUiSetRoles runs to set anonymous and authenticated permissions relative to group subscription.

Sorry, I meant FALSE.

Also it would be great if you could execute the migrate tests locally, as they are not picked up by the testbost.