hi, from France,
couls someone help me with this error please ?

There was the following error - Manifest: http : / / www.aramontfrin.fr/?q=profiles/openchurch/apps.js Service unavailable



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Hello, this isn't working bc you have clean urls disabled. If you enable clean urls it will fix the issue. I did just patch 1x dev which a fix that I think will prevent the issue altogether.

hello, and thanks for your reply.
I cannot find how to enable clean url. the test tells me that is not enabled. I'm thinking to do a new installation with the new OpenChurch theme (beta10) instead of the openchurch distribution, because of too much problems.
do you think is a better solution?

Title:error under installed appserror under installed apps and calendar

Try to update to beta10. I did patch this in beta10 and I think it will fix the problem but please upgrade and let me know if it does. Thanks!

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This should be fixed in beta10, let me know if otherwise

sorry for my late.
not shure memory update to 256 in working and about my ISP. This cause many dout with operations and changes.
big question. Starting with a new installation, which in better: Openchurch distribution or theme ?

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