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When I install & enable Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation, my site layout breaks in IE7 and IE8.

How could that happen? Is there CSS3 in the compiled/compressed CSS? What should I do?

I use the latest (7.x-2.0-alpha1+14-dev) version and omega theme as basetheme.



go to admin/config/development/performance/advagg and uncheck "Combine CSS files by using media queries". Let me know if this fixes the issue. If it does I'll need to think about this feature more #1943404: CSS: Use media queries to combine all, screen, print, etc media types.

Hi, thanks for your answer,

Disabling / enabling "Combine CSS files by using media queries" configuration has no effect on the broken IE7/8 layout. I think, there is some widths or some margins are not loaded for these browser versions...

Component:CSS Compression» CSS/JS Compression

What happens if you disable CSS compression admin/config/development/performance/advagg/css-compress?

the same buggy layout is displayed... I disabled File compression and Inline compression one by one and between these actions the layout is still the same (buggy).

I think there is a specific style which is not inserted in the combined CSS... I think the grid width and margin is missing... I'm not really sure but, when I inspect the elements I don't see any style about these... maybe a great clue to solve this problem.

PS : I'm using Omega theme as base theme.

I've tried another scenario, I disabled all the modules one by one... I try to check one by one the properties that may change the CSS files structures, the buggy layout doesn't show until the "Enable advanced aggregation" property isn't checked.

Wish helps with these informations.



I've added in debug mode #1996802: have advagg-debug=1 output debug info to watchdog
If i could get the output from watchdog that would be helpful.

Title:IE7 IE8 layout broken if advanced aggregation is enabledIE7 IE8 layout broken if advanced aggregation is enabled (Omega theme)

Component:CSS/JS Compression» CSS/JS

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I did find an issue with the Aurora & Omega themes (its been fixed), but that had to do with JS not CSS. Until I get more info this will be marked as postponed.

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What we see is that CSS/JS aggregation breaks IE10. Safari and firefox are fine. Also, it seems to only break IE10 on certain servers for instance if I host on ipower.com, IE10 etc will not display the page correctly. But if hosted on techdrupal.com, it is fine. At the time of writing (July 28, 2013) myntahl.com has all performance turned off so as to be displayed in IE. But myntahl.techdrupal.com has all performance turned on, and it is able to be displayed in IE10

Is it possible that it works only on certain servers?

Sorry, I think I posted this to the wrong thread. It seems the web-designer had not yet installed this module and the mentioned performance is with regular aggregation.

So if I'm reading this correctly, you discovered that this is not an error with AdvAgg; correct?

This problem seems to be connected with Omega theme as well as server side. If the website is ported from an IPOWER.COM server to another provider, IE10 works with aggregation turn on. This is not an AdvAgg problem as it is not installed.

Here is the solution:
Nothing wrong with AdvAgg if you disable the compress option. It might because the server is sending a compressed file of a compressed file to IE.

Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Closed (cannot reproduce)

Going to close this issue do to lack of a reproducible bug.

I am having the same issue. After enable the css aggregation my site seems to be broken in ie(any version). Any help appreciated.

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Have you ran the validator submodule on your css files (use the w3c one first)? Odds are one of them has some bad syntax and when it gets aggregated together, the bad CSS will corrupt anything past it.

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Need more info about this issue as I can not repo it.

Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Closed (cannot reproduce)

Going to close this issue do to lack of a reproducible bug. I need to know the steps to take in order to reproduce this bug.