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check: convert line breaks into HTML (i.e. <br> and <p>)

message: "Invalid domain default. Please, enter a comma separated list of valid domain names."

works ok for tinymce...


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Fixed tags getting rendered

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That page belongs to Drupal Core's text format settings and has nothing to do with Wysiwyg module or how editors treat line breaks.

Where is that message shown and when?

What exactly is working with TinyMCE but not in CKEditor?

Line break conversion is done serverside, during content rendering, and is not something which normally concerns editors since they already know where to place p and br tags. I strongly recommend not using the "Convert line breaks into HTML"-filter together with WYSIWYG editors for that reason. The serverside filter can not tell the difference between line breaks indended to indicate paragraphs or breaks and line breaks just meant to make the source code pretty.

There is a module called Wysiwyg Linebreaks which is useful if you already have a bunch of content using line breaks instead of the proper tags and don't want to go through it all before switching to using an editor.

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Without further details about the problem I can only close this issue. Please re-open it if you can provide the requested information.

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Fixed typo