Hello ,

I am getting error for few of the modules .

Project not supported: This project is no longer supported, and is no longer available for download. Disabling everything included by this project is strongly recommended!

Can any one recommend proper way to solve this problem . either via writing a patch or any other way.

Thanks in advance

Mukesh Shukla


That almost always means that the security team found a vulnerability with that module, and the module maintainer did not fix it within a reasonable amount of time. So the module has been disabled for download on drupal.org, and you receive the warning on your site that you should not use it. Such warnings are not to be ignored!

Two ways to proceed:

  1. Fix the module. Go to the module page, find out what the security issue was, write a fix for it, and submit it to the security team for vetting.
  2. Find another module that does something similar, and work with that one instead.

Would you care to list the modules that are causing this warning for you? It may help people to offer some more precise suggestions as to what you could do.

James Oakley

Hello JamesOakley,

Thanks for the response, couple of module names are .. menu_token, matrix . which are causing more problem for the matrix there is a recommended version while upgrading the drupal we have installed the recommended version. then its saying that the Project support stopped for this module.

I have checked the respective websites they have fixed the issues in the latest version and those are ready to be used . but i don't want to upgrade my drupal to that level .

Thanks in advance.
Mukesh Shukla

Menu Token may not have been discontinued for security reasons, but it may be that. It looks like they were working on the module, and haven't yet finished it. Drupal 6 is now so old the maintainers decided to focus on getting a Drupal 7 version complete, and so have stopped working on a Drupal 6 version at all. The reason why I say there may be security issues with the old version you have is that the newest release for Menu Token on 6.x-1.x was 6.x-1.0-alpha4. You can read about Alpha releases - they are not production ready, and may well have serious bugs including security issues. You'll have to find another module for this, until such time as you are ready for Drupal 7. Even then, be aware that Menu Token is still only on Beta 4, so there will be issues.

Matrix is more surprising to me. They have a 6.x-1.4 full release. If you install 6.x-1.4, you shouldn't get any warnings about the project being unsupported. At the last count, there were nearly 600 Drupal sites using that release of Matrix.

James Oakley

Thanks Oakley,

I have found a work around. as the menu_token module is not creating any functional problem with the 6.28 , So i will move it into custom instead of contrib , so when i will update the drupal it will not check for updates for this module. and if it causes any functional issue we can fix that.

Thanks for your responses.

Mukesh Shukla