Nate Swart has been working on a migration tool that will help us upgrade GDO to Drupal 7 and Commons 3.

Nate is planning to sprint with myself and others at DrupalCon. Is it possible to have a dev environment setup before DrupalCon? The following people would want access initially:

- nateswart
- sreynen
- mikeryan
- ezra-g



Status:Active» Needs review

First we need to set up the system for D7 groups dev sites.

I set up as the canonical staging site for the upgrade. I haven't looked into why it is WSODing, have fun. There is a core hack that should be undone in D6 like #1540192: Remove users.access core hack. This is setup similarly to You can get modules in BZR with the same Jenkins jobs. There is a very minimal set of modules there right now. is the script that builds the site out from a snapshot of live D6. Anything site-specific, like migrations, can be added after elif [ "${uri}" = "" ]; then. It currently takes 4 hours. #1235638: Increase password security for * using phpass will knock an hour or two off that. The next build will have timestamps enabled so we know exactly what takes time. The job is http://localhost:8080/view/Groups/job/

Finally, that site is snapshotted and sanitized for building dev sites. For those with access to util, please have a look through /var/dumps/mysql/ for private user data. Add queries to to remove that data. When sanitized we can have dev sites of both D6 and D7

Ezra – I gave you access to create and destroy dev sites, so you can make D6 dev sites as a reference. And D7 dev sites when the snapshots are good. Documentation is at

See you at DrupalCon!