For example (it happens on other pages too):


The button for "Add User" (link to /admin/people/create) disappears after a few seconds of loading the page.
I have 2 demo installations (one local and one on the internet) and it happens on both sites.

Looking at the html of the page, the code is still there for the button to be displayed but for some reason it disappears.

As I say, it also happens on other pages too.


In fact, buttons disappear on many pages.
Another example, http://erpal.local/user/7/edit

"Account, Contract and Main Profile" disappear.

Hey tchurch,

i couldn't reproduce the error. Did you use the latest alpha version?

Yes. I'm using alpha2, as I indicated on the issue.
I've installed it on 3 different servers. One on my local server (internal), one production and one as a test/demo.

I just installed a fresh ERPAL:

Does someone else also have this error?

I've looked closer at this.

Someone else has the same problem and has found the problem.

Only created on 21st. No solution yet.

Many this helps here?

Did you use the Keeper Chrome Plugin?


If I disable it, it's OK.
Also on other browsers (and my tablet without the plugin) it also works.

I've also reported it to them too.

I would assume there's an issue/conflict with the erpal theme.

Mh. But this part of ERPAL is using the base theme provided by drupal. So I do not think it is ERPALs fault.

I've looked closer. All the problems I have so far are in relating to admin pages, therefore it's the at_admin theme in the adaptivetheme package that has the problem here.

should I change the project on this issue to adaptivetheme?

Yes if this issue is related to adaptive theme you may change it. But I am not sure. Do you have this issue on a plain drupal installation with adaptive theme enabled?

It doesn't matter what installation I have. I still get the same issue.
I've even used the AT Core theme too.

As far as I remember (I haven't tried it recently) I don't this issue if I use a different browser. It seems to be an issue with the Keeper Chrome plugin (if I disable it, it also solves the issue).

I'm waiting to hear from them about it too.

Status:Active» Closed (won't fix)

As this seams to be an AT issue, i close it

Project:ERPAL Business Management and ERP» AdaptiveTheme
Version:7.x-2.0-alpha2» 7.x-3.1
Component:User interface» AT Admin
Status:Closed (won't fix)» Active

I have re-activated it and re-assigned it to the AT project.

I'm not sure if it's just the AT Admin theme of the main theme too (all the screens I see the issue on at the moment are admin screens).

If I get any more info from Keeper Security Inc, I'll let you know but please investigate this.