There are some exportable components that just don't make sense to export—variables, for example, like site_offline, cron_last, and css_js_query_string, whose values are designed to be transient. Their presence in the list of available components adds clutter, making it easy to overlook uncaptured configuration, and leaves them susceptible to accidental selection. I propose that there should be a mechanism for specifying that certain components be omitted from the list of available components—perhaps a hook of some sort. (There isn't one already, is there?)


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#1153028: menu_links_features_export_options() dies with too many items. just added a settings tab where such functionality has been added.

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This is different - looking at the settings tab I can include or exclude all variables, but not specific items.

Looking at the OP it seems to me that we should be able to expand all categories in the list (not just menu) and hide components?