When CSS bundeler is enabled or disabled, and it's set to bundle (I haven't tested with more as I need one CSS file) it creates additional CSS file with just one rule

html {dispaly:block}

I don't have such a rule in a single CSS file across my site, nor I need one. I'm overriding all core and modules CSS files in theme info file and without this module enable I get one file as a result, but with this module enabled I get one extra request.


Project:Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation» CSS Embedded Images
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fixed typo

Title:Bundler create extra CSS fileCreates an extra CSS file
Version:7.x-2.0-alpha2» 7.x-1.3
Component:Bundler» Code

This might be working as designed.
css_emimage_advagg_get_css_aggregate_contents_alter() is where this happens.

Try the latest dev and see if that fixes the issue; the fact that you're getting this means that there is a bug in here most likely and it might be fixed with the newest code.

The issue remains for latest dev vesion. I also upgraded advagg to latest dev, still the same problem, one extra css file.
I forgot to mention this before, the problem doesn't exist when advagg is disabled, even with css embedded images enabled.

I'll need to implement this #2007566: Input aggregate filename -> Get all info about that aggregate so we can figure out what advagg & css_emimage is trying to do with the file.

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another typo