Hi All,

I use drush to upgrade from D6 to D7. I get this message when I upgrade:

No .info file could be found for availability_calendars

And once the upgrade is done I see that the availability_calendars module has not been included in the upgrade.

Any help would be appreciated.

I use drush 5.8


Thomas S


upgrade it separate with a manual download. I just checked the tar and the zip and the .info is included.



I note that D6 info file is availability_calendars.info and D7 info file is availability_calendar.info. Note different file names.

After upgrading to D7 I download availability_calendars ok. But I can't enable availability_calendars. I am able to enable availability_calendar. Note different module name.

Are the different names the cause for the upgrade problem I have?


Thomas S

Maybe the info on the project page http://drupal.org/project/availability_calendars is relevant, about lack of support for direct upgrade from 6.x-1.4 or lower?

However, it appears that the module has never been called availability_calendar without the 's'. So perhaps the module you have with that name is a completely different module, or a hacked version of the module, with no release on drupal.org. Is that possible?

according to the project page the name of the module (and thus the files) were changed between 7.x-2.5 and 7.x-3.x

Upgrading from 7.x-2.5
Upgrading to this release is possible. However, as the module is renamed to availability_calendar (without an ending s) using the normal update.php path was a bit difficult. Instead:


  • I tried to run the normal D6 -> D7 upgrade routine and accept that the module Availability Calendars was disregarded in the upgrade process because of the error "No .info file could be found for availability_calendars"
  • After upgrade I download and enable Availability Calendars 7.x-2.5.
  • Now I see that the Content Type that I had in D6 using the Availability Calendars is also using the Availability Calendars in D7 - that is fine. But - there is no data for the Availability Calendars. All the reservations I had made in the Availability Calendars in D6 are not available in D7
  • If I had had data in Availability Calendars in D7 then I would have continued with the section "Upgrading from 7.x-2.5" under http://drupal.org/project/availability_calendars. But I feel it is no use to continue as I have no data in the Availability Calendars

Before I do the D6 -> D7 upgrade I have core and all contrib modules at the latest version, including Availability Calendars


Thomas S

At this point you should research the issue queue of the module in question for similar reports. If there are none; file one.