We have installed advanced forum and we imported around 20K forum topics and 450K comments.

Whether I try to mark all forums as read or all messages as read has no effect. I still see those "Unread" message counts and the topics still show the "Unread messages" icon.

It does not return any error though. Any idea about this issue? Did we miss something?
Also, the landing page of the forum (listing all forums) takes around 8 to 10 seconds to load. Is this a normal behavior?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


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"Mark as read" code should work. Have you tried to clear cache?

For that topic/comment count you should disable "Get the number of new comments per forum on the forum list" in AF settings.

Yes, we have tried to clear the cache. It didn't help.

What I meant regarding the number of new comments: we don't want to disable it. I was just pointing out that after clicking on "mark all as read", it still shows an "unread" message count.

Thank you.


Could anyone look into this issue? Do you need more information? This is an imporant issue for us as our forum is huge and our users are lost without this functionnality.

Anything we could try / report here?

Thank you.

I can't reproduce the problem you have. If you can write down simple procedure how to reproduce it maybe I can check it. (Note: generating and migrating 20k/450k posts is not simple)

Hello and thank you for getting back to me. If you don't mind, I would like you to see it on our live website. I will send you an e-mail with the URL and a test account so that you can connect and see it by yourself. Thank you.

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I've checked your site with account you provided and everything works fine: marking all messages per forum and finally make all forums read. All icons displayed correctly.