I do not understand how to create the indexed node in the Collection products view. If i swich off the searchapi the "indexed node" still in the context filter.
Can you help me?


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I don't really understand your question here. This view is based on a Search API index called "Product display". You'll see your product displays grouped by category/collection in this view.

I suposed that it's done with Searchapi but I did not understand how you got the indexed nodes and I even supposed the view is based an products

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it's about Search API way to build (Views) pages.
- Search index - with fields (data to be indexed) and facets defined
- View of the defined Search Index (uses indexed data).

here you'll find how the Product Catalog was setup in Kickstart:
please, check the video there (step by step) that shows you how to build your own Products Search pages.
you could find this video also on Commerce Guys blog - Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Search API

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