I am translating some terms locally in my development site.
When I translate any field that is required, the little red asterix (indicating a required field) disappears. It is replaced by "!Requis" (which means "Required" in french). See screen shots.
I am guessing Drupal cannot interpret the "!Requis" string. Is this a bug?
If my guess is right, I think it would be best to reset the "!Required" string as it was originally. Am I correct? Where would I do that?
I attached some screen shots for clarity. One shows the original page in english. The other show my translation pane and the resulting screen in French.
Thanks for your support!



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You should not translate any placeholder. (the string start with %var, !var, @var.)

Status:Active» Closed (works as designed)

#1 is right, marking #1650268: Check wrong (translated) variable names as possible solution to get rid of that kind of error