Regardless of whether the selection is checked or unchecked, the avatar selection is showing up on the registration page. I've tried upgrading to the dev version and checking/unchecking the box and still it includes the avatar selection on the registration page.

I am on Drupal 5.3 with Postgres.


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This is not really a feature of the avatar selection module. If the avatar selection module is enabled, then the avatar selection box will appear on both the registration page and the edit user account page. You haven't specified which checkbox you're modifying, but if it's the "Force users to select an avatar image on user registration" option, then you should know that this option only changes whether or not the avatar selection is a required field. It does not control whether the avatar selection box appears or not.

However, there is a way to achieve what you want. You can enable different avatars for different user roles (or organic groups). By default, if you don't restrict access to an avatar icon, then that avatar is available to all users, both anonymous and authenticated. If you don't want a particular avatar to be available for anonymous users (i.e. on the registration form), then you will need to check the "authenticated user" access role box for each avatar in question. If you do this for all avatars, then no avatars are available to anonymous users and so no avatar selection box will appear on the registration screen.


Thank you so much for the excellent explanation, the quick reply, and the *feature* workaround!

Great module! Excellent work!

Actually I thought of a much simpler way, not sure why I didn't think of this before!

You can control which user roles have access to select avatars using the user permissions. Just disable the the 'access avatars' permission for anonymous users at admin/user/access - it's much easier! I should have thought of that first, doh!


surprisingly, in my installation the second method (enabled "access AS" only for authenticated users) does not seem to work: the avatar selection box still shows up in registration module, although no selection is possible. The first method works fine.

Ah, turns out that is a bug! I've fixed that and checked it into CVS. It should work in the next dev release. I hope to do a proper release tomorrow, so you might want to wait for that instead.


Released in Avatar Selection 5.x-2.3.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

I'm using the 6.x version but just wanted to say thank you for the module and for this workaround. I had already uploaded 92 avatars without picking any user groups when I realized they were then showing up on the registration form. So a quick search found this thread and a little work in MySQL created all the group entries I needed in the avatar_selection_roles table. Thanks again!

Great module.

Just wanted to say thank you