After installing node_export the VBO action was not showing even though there was a hook_action_info() call. In looking at the code I noticed a small error on line 264 where it checks the selected formats. Patch to follow.



Here is a one liner patch.

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Setting to needs review.

Having same issue, Joel. I'm a developer plebeian. Could you please provide some specifics as to which module file this patch should be pasted into? It's not apparent to me.

The patch file is good for providing this info:

diff --git a/node_export.module b/node_export.module
index 8bdadb9..dca1708 100755
--- a/node_export.module
+++ b/node_export.module
@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ function node_export_action_info() {
     $selected_formats = variable_get('node_export_format', array('drupal'));
     $format_handlers = node_export_format_handlers();
     foreach ($format_handlers as $format_handler => $format) {
-      if (!empty($selected_formats[$format_handler])) {
+      if (in_array($format_handler, $selected_formats)) {
          // @todo: should formats be able to define their own actions?
          if (!empty($format['#file']) && is_file($format['#file'])) {
            require_once $format['#file'];

This patch file indicates the node_export.module file is the one requiring patching and then shows the one line which was removed (-) and then the line which was added (+) in its place. You can go here to see how to apply a patch:

You may need to flush caches after this is done, then re-edit your view and the action should now be available in the Bulk Operations field. If you don't know how to flush caches I would install the devel module - it is most helpful.