As the Subject says, I want to make a page and a block,for my news content.
The idea is straightforward: a coworker make a news update= posts news with Title, and content.
The Coworker is using a user role able to write in content-type: News.

I used Views to create a view with a block display.
5 items.
Node: post-date
node: title

sort criteria:
Node: post-date=descending

Node: type=news

The filter works fine, but my block consists of the entire content posted in the posts, instead of a ordered list of links.
I followed a tutorial and have searched forums for feedback on this issue, but everyone seems to specify it should be easy with the fields as above, but it seems my fields are being ignorded.

the query is as follows, though I am not confident how to determine the mistake:

SELECT node.created AS node_created, node.title AS node_title, node.nid AS nid, node.language AS node_language FROM dr_node node  WHERE node.type in ('news') ORDER BY node_created DESC"

do any of you out there, have any ide where my problem is? I relly feel like i am running against a wall here.

best regards


disable the view in question. Does the block still show? if not, generate a new view and set using fields. Does the same issue present itself?

1. Disable the view
I cannot disable the view, but I can disable the display - when this is done, the block disappers from the site.

2. Create a new view and set using fields.
Same issue again.

I followed the tutorial on this site:

I have now done the tutorial over, and over 5 times, in the hopes I missed something, but It just shows everything, and not a list of titles like I wanted.

best regards

screenshots of your views settings please.

Only local images are allowed.

based on the first image it looks fine. I can't fathom what the issue may be. I can't reproduce the issue here on a D6 sandbox.

I have tried now to reinstall the views module, with another version, same problem.