When you create a region in the custom Panels layout, you have an option to add a custom CSS class. A value entered here is saved with the Panel, but the rendered output doesn't include the class. The Aurora docs mention using hook_aurora_layout_attributes_alter() to add attributes, which is fine, but without this custom class, you must rely on the internally generated IDs (main-row, 1, 2, etc.) to reference the regions so that you can add the attributes. This seems a little ambiguous and I have concerns about it working consistently in all cases. Are these concerns valid and/or is there a more proper way to reference the regions individually so that they can be assigned to specific grids?


I took this a little further and can now confirm with certainty that using hook_aurora_layout_attributes_alter() doesn't solve the problem.

The following hook was added to my sub-theme's template.php.

* Implements hook_aurora_layout_attributes_alter().
function MYTHEME_aurora_layout_attributes_alter(&$attributes) {
  if (isset(
$attributes['id'])) {
    if (!isset(
$attributes['classes'])) {
$attributes['classes'] = array();
    switch (
$attributes['id']) {
$attributes['classes'][] = 'col-1';
$attributes['classes'][] = 'col-2';
$attributes['classes'][] = 'col-3';

Using this allows me to do this in my layouts partial:

#home .col-1 {
  @include grid-span(4, 1);
#home .col-2 {
  @include grid-span(4, 5);
#home .col-3 {
  @include grid-span(4, 9);

This all works fine until a second panel page is added. Since the $attributes array provides no element for us to determine the active panel page, the new classes are added to them all.

I hope I'm missing something here, but without the custom class per region, this seems really handicapped.

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This is a bug, any classes added via the Panels interface should be displayed in the theme.

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After talking it over with @snugug, we are removing the panels layout from the next release.

Why? Because this is a poor way of implementing this functionality, and snugug did not realize it. Instead, you should create your own custom panels layout, and do the code there. This has a couple HUGE advantages:

  • Designers will have complete control of the layout and code, this will be easier for those not familiar with Drupal
  • The layout will be within code, and not within a database.
  • We will be using the system how it is meant to be used, and not be fighting it

Some links on how to do this:

Title:Custom CSS classes missing from regions provided by Panels layoutDocument the removal of Panels integration
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Given that the existing release includes this, you need to add some documentation to the theme's README.txt file and project page explaining why and provide some links.

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The project page already included information, I added the links above. I also pushed that information into the README.md, and within the theme is an example of a sample layout. I might attempt to even add this to the compass extension somehow.

Related: this is also why we are not pushing the release for a week.

Related: this is also why we are not pushing the release for a week.

@ChinggizKhan: Sounds good :)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.