Hi , I just migrated my site to a new host and domain provider . I copied the files , set my db and changed settings.php . the front page loads well and without problem but every link I try to load I get 404 error . I searched for a solution and I searched for tables with name cache in my db and TRUNCATed those tables but I'm still getting the error . I also found this page which indicates exactly my problem : http://www.nossdutytask.com/drupal_config/drupal_node_not_found_after_mi...
but then I don't find any file with the name httpd.conf . I'll appreciate if someone can help me with this. my site is down!


You need command line and most likely root / super user access.
Some servers use apache2.conf rather than httpd.conf. Look in /etc/apache2.

You should first see if your node will show at all ... /node/123 or whatever node ID you have. Then see if if works like this;

If so, the next thing to check is that clean URLs are enabled. If not, enable them and make sure you have an .htaccess file in your site root directory... You may need to enable the base path line.