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Last updated: June 25, 2013 - 23:50

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-2.4:

  • #1701050: replace strtolower() with drupal_strtolower()
  • #1597970 by drupalishsandip and soxofaan: PHP sucks at comparing strings that look like numbers
  • be more explicit in $form_state['captcha_info'] about this and posted form_id
  • #1479370 by Robin Millette: added isset check for undefined property stdClass::$captcha_type
  • #960270: no need anymore for workaround for CAPTCHA on login forms
  • GD library availability check should look for imagepng function (which is required), not imagejpeg (which is optional). Related to issue #1337366.
  • #1024370: Make sure we can use a top level form value $form_state['values']['captcha_response'], even if the form has #tree=true.
  • properly sort result of ctools_export_load_object for on settings page. (follow up of of issue #825088)
  • Preloaded captcha points default to 'none' (follow up of issue #825088)
  • #825088: tweaked patch from comments #9 and #12
  • refactored captcha_get_captcha_points helper function to (part of issue #825088)
  • first simple implementation: click image for reload
  • remove unneeded id-attribute on captcha description
  • #1142606: added css class to CAPTCHA admin links fieldset
  • #976436 by matheusgorino, soxofaan: Adds an ob_end_clean to prevent the output image from being corrupted.
  • removing aditional empty line in the end of file
  • minor change in the readme file
  • Removing translation directories
  • Stripping CVS keywords
  • one of my better commits
  • #893810: CAPTCHA should also be possible on login block on "access denied" admin pages
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