I have my site on drupal 7 -latest version- and I have created a sub-theme of adaptive-theme.
All is ok with the theme. In the last 2 months I only worked on my subtheme only modifying files via ftp and I never looked at administration appearance panel...so I don't know when exactly and why now I have a white page if I go to appearance/settings/mysubtheme ...I have many modules installed and I made all time the update of all modules and core drupal....But really I don't have any idea about when I got this error.
Could you please let me know where do I have to do something in order to see again the page of settings in appearance backend?


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Go to /admin/appearance and set the Admin theme to Seven, then see if you can access your theme settings page.

If you did not change any files in the core theme (core Adaptivetheme) then you should be able to view it UNLESS you made some changes to theme-settings.php in your subtheme and made a coding error.

Hi Jeff! Sorry I didn't answer before...Thank you so much for your tips! I checked my file theme-settings.php and I discovered an error !!!
Now everything is working fine!!...just a little comma and all was wrong.... :-P
thank you so much!!!