I've made a contact form. I have the phone number field input as 'number'. The name field as 'text'. In IE and Ffox the displays are good but in the latest version of Chrome the phone input displays a dropdown type box - there are two arrows at the end of the box to count the numbers up and down. So a user can enter numbers by clicking on the box arrows [would take ages to input a phone number], or just type in the number.

So my questions are:
- how do i make the display as it should do
- how do i limit the number of characters that can be entered in the box
- how do I prevent text being entered (as it can be now).

I can't see a way to control the latter tow aspects.



Can we see this anyway - do you have demo site uploaded?

Don't have a site up sorry. I want to upload a screen shot but have no idea how on this forum. If you can help me with that then we can proceed. I clicked on the image icon in the message box but I don't now what to do next.

You could put the file on dropbox or something and link to it ?

Good idea :-)
Here they are: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jjlfhtvyhinu9ir/dY80mAtufi

You can clearly see the issue with the Chrome number field.

Can you post a couple more things

  • The HTML being generated for the form
  • A screenshot of the field config page

Also what version of drupal is this?

Remember I'm a bit new at this :)
I've posted [dropbox as previously], what i believe you are asking for. Now I feel a bit daft as i can't locate the html for the contact form - in fact, I have no idea how I made it. I used the webform (called 'contact us') to make a googlemap. If I look at the edit for that, there is no html for the contact form (called 'contact us').

You see, on the Contact Us page I have a googlemap at the top with a contact form underneath. I don't know how I got that there.

I don't feel I am helping you help me here. Sorry.

No worries. The screenshot I wanted was the page you see if you press edit on the phone numbers can you do that (I just want replicate your settings locally)

To get the html just go to the page with the form on, then in your browser do "view source" and copy and paste that into a text file and call it form.htm then put that in your dropbox folder. I'm just wanting to look at the HTML that drupal is generating - its not HTML you've created so no need to feel daft.


Thanks Chunty but I already thought of that. The html will reveal ziltch. As I said earlier, the page has two elements, a map and a contact for. The edit/html reveals the googlemap locations data. The contact form isn't there at all! That's why can't offer this to you as I don't know where it is. I can't recall how I made it 'join' the webform where the googlemap is.

Ok can you humour me then. Go to the page with the form on and in chrome do "save page as..." and the same in firefox. zip the files up and stick them on dropbox


Chris - you're a trooper.

Found an isp and here's the test site. This is in development and so I've not given anyone else this url at all !

Appreciate your expertise thanks, and so whilst looking at the contact issue you might be able to look at my other posted issues perhaps - please?

In fact, anything you see that is rubbish, then I'd appreciate your advice.


Right I'm 99% sure that the issue here is that you've select you want your field type in the webform to be a number and not text. Chrome is interpreting HTML5 input of type number differently to your version of firefox.

You can read more about the HTML5 input types here: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_form_input_types.asp.

Basically if you change the type to be text in the webform that should solve it.