When using metatags on a standard taxonomy/term/% site (same goes also for a views overwrite) with i18n and taxonomy translation enabled - the following tokens do not work:



1.) In "Metatags by path" enter for the PATH: taxonomy/term/*
2.) In "Title" [term:i18n-name]
3.) in "Description" enter [term:i18n-description]

Error: The Description is using the following invalid tokens: [term:i18n-description] [term:i18n-name].

If you enter these values as an overwrite for the Standard Taxonomy pages in for example en/admin/config/search/metatags - it outputs the english description on all languages (en/taxonomy/term/% and also de/taxonomy/term/%). Go back to en/admin/config/search/metatags/config/taxonomy_term - switch to another language (for example: de/admin/config/search/metatags/config/taxonomy_term) and save. Now the german metatags show on both languages.

Same goes for the urls Tags like canonical, og:url etc...

Is this normal behavior? I think taxonomy term pages often use "[term:i18n-name]" and "[term:i18n-description]" for creating the metatags dynamically for all taxonomy term listings?


Title:Metatags taxonomy term pages with i18n and taxonomy translation do not change after switching languageIntegration with i18n_taxonomy for per-language defaults
Component:Code» Multilingual/intl

The language usage is based upon the results of entity_language(), and it the language doesn't support multiple languages it defaults to LANGUAGE_NONE; taxonomy terms don't support multiple languages so these pages are always displayed as LANGUAGE_NONE.

I'll have to dig into how i18n_taxonomy works and specifically support it.

(we probably need another issue for other i18n submodules too..)