not showing topics when you choose the forum.
it shows that the topics are there.. but nothing under the forums when you click..
the content is there by itself.. and the latest topics can show this up..
i beleive there is conflict in something i use..with the forum.. but i can't figure out what..
the site is live and more than 50000 articles in it with content access and many roles..
forum never used before and just assigned now..

i beleive there should be a view created when installing the module.. but i can't find any view..

drupal core is 6.26
i can pay for the problem to be fixed immediatelly.


Can you see topics when AF is disabled?

no i am afraid i can;t see even when af is disabled

Category:bug» support
Priority:Major» Normal
Status:Active» Closed (cannot reproduce)

If you can't see topics with AF disabled it's clearly not AF issue at all.
Try to check (disable) any user access related module like Forum access or Node access and if problem persists try asking in core forum issue queue (transfer this issue there).

I cant disable such module like node access. It's essential for the site work . Is there a way to create another website with forum and use the existing user tables. I already use this functionality with another Drupal set up and I am wondering if it's possible to use it with three web sites to share the same tables for users and roles