With Drupal 7.22 and adaptivetheme the author is missing in Chrome and Internet Explorer 10. However it appears in Firefox 22.0. I also tried to modify the comment.tpl to use $author instead of $submitted but the result remains. Both don't appear in Chrome and Internet Explorer 10. See attached snippets. Filename shows which browser is used.


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I can't reproduce this in 7.x-3.x dev and the code has not really changed for quite a while. The user name is either going to be a link or text, if text its wrapped in a span tag, if its a link then an anchor tag - both will render in any browser (being standard html elements).

I wonder if you have a permissions issue - maybe you are logged out in Chrome and IE10, but logged in on Firefox? Maybe there is something going on with the display of the user name with regards to role, login status or some other module?

I cant really know without seeing the actual site, since I can't duplicate/reproduce the problem based on what you have told me so far.

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