I'm working on performance improvements to my site and created a minified version of extlink.js. This saves a bit of bandwidth for users. I've attached a patch for this against the latest D7 dev release.

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This is a good idea. In principle +1.

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Changing status to test patch.

Title:Add Minified Version of extlink.jsAdd minified version of extlink.js
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Will wait until the rest of the issues are completed, unless we can find an automated way to minify the javascript.

There are a number of tools that can do this. The one my team uses is just a web app. http://jscompress.com/

When I meant automated way, I meant in our code. I used the same site for the 8.x branch.

The problem is, at the moment there are lots of changes being made to the javascript. Which results in more work if a minified js is added. So I am likely to wait until we are ready for the next version and do it then.

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I just wanted to note that the suggestion of the best practice to minify shipped JS comes from Matt Farina. He talks about it on his blog here: http://engineeredweb.com/blog/why-minify-javascript/

And a couple of years ago at DrupalCon Denver here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBkzjPT8_Mw

He uses a tool called "uglify" to minify the JS in the Speedy module which a lot of people (including us) use.

I've recently started using a Coda plugin called YUICompress (http://bedrichrios.com/coda2-plugins/). Basically when you make a change to your JS file, you just run the plugin from a menu and it automatically builds the minified version of that JS for you in a couple of seconds. Very easy to use. This is what we use for contrib modules that we maintain as well as custom internal modules. Just thought I'd share.