I'm porting a project from ASP.NET to Drupal7, using OMEGA 3 as template framework, Alexa Rank of the site is ~168,000 . at least 80 modules is used.

APC and MEMCACHE are used.

Does Drupal Handle this traffic when using OMEGA 3 as theme framework?

Running Version : Axprint.com

Estimation of page view per month:
about 150000 unique visitors a month, each visitor 10 page view. (~ 1,500,000 page views )


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Well Omega 3.x is a bit slower than barebone base themes. However, the performance impact should be negligible as the heavy weight of a Drupal site still stems from the count and weight of the modules that you use. So the theme should never matter _that_ much. Anyways, given that you are planning to build a larger site (it seems?!) why bother using Omega 3.x when Omega 4.x is already there and has been promoted to be the "preferred"/"suggested" version already?

Omega 4.x is certainly faster and has the better professional/latest tools for such a job.

You will see a negligible performance hit with Omega-3, Omega 4 seems to be a bit faster and allows for a lot more customisation. If you are really worried about traffic then maybe using something like Cloudflare on your site as well would help.

Thanks Guys.
Migration to 4.x was the best solution.

Title:OMEGA 3 For High Traffic WebsitesOmega 3 or Omega 4 For High Traffic Websites
Version:7.x-3.1» 7.x-4.x-dev

Good to hear, would love to see the result once finished!

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