Currently there are two modules included with this module "Views Append" and "Views view field", neither of which are dependencies of Views PDF. What is the purpose of these two modules? Upon inspection they seem to be outdated copies with only minor alterations of the "Views field view" module.

If I'm right about my assumptions, why not use the Views field view module instead and remove these sub-modules from this module?

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Right now I am evaluating the module, in the port from 6 maybe this module was poorly ported, this kind of feedback is appreciate.

I'm not a full maintainer, but can do stuff with the code. This Monday we can discuss this better

killua99, did you figure out why these modules are installing with Views PDF?

I'm needing to find out if Views Field View works with Views PDF. If anyone has done this, please let me know.

@ownage i havent tried, but i have tried the module to include views that comes with views_pdf and it works.

So I have to evaluate the porpose of this module, in a few days I'll report some feedback about this kind of submodules.

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I've been really trying to figure out what's going on with this module to get the "Views Field View" (VFV) functionality. After examination of both modules, it looks as though I will not be able to use either one with Views PDF.

The current release of VFV always renders a white page, but the included module in Views PDF (Views Field) seems to actually work, but not correctly.

For example, (before trying out these two VFV modules), I created this unformatted layout. It uses PHP to position things; I modified the font sizes, colors, fonts, while rewriting many fields:

I then made a clone of this view so I could include it with this Views Field module.

My goal was to use "Views Field View" as merlinofchaos instructed I do for my use case. Read here:

Upon loading this view in a field, it won't show up-- the style for this view field has to first be formatted in the parent view. This means I have to set what the views is relative to, the width, the height, & the font size. This ruins everything because after doing so, all of the PHP is stripped and the individual font sizes are changed to the set style:

I'm on wit's end with this issue. Setting relationships and grouping by them isn't working either. The only solution was to use Views Field View and that seems to not currently be possible. For the first time ever, it looks like I will have to tell my client that they cannot have a certain grouping functionality.

Not that this helps your main issue, but turning off the "contextual links" in your embedded view will remove the "edit" link.

Making things still more confusing, there is a completely separate module called Views Field:

I just installed it, and couldn't figure out why nothing happened when I enabled it. Turned out I was enabling the Views PDF version of Views Field (views_view_field).

One or the other should get a name change, don't you think?

IMO there is no good reason to distribute hacked versions of other modules. If your module doesn't work with the current versions of these modules, you should work with the maintainers of these modules to resolve these issues.

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Changing to "bug, Major", see previous comment.

This module need to be there for legacy reason. Next version will be removed or better adaptation.

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