I was creating a view with Users, where the users have custom fields through the Field API, like "firstname" and "lastname" and I was using them just fine while creating the view, but as soon as I saved the view, and then tried to edit the view, I was no longer able to access the custom fields, just the User fields.

The view itself displays the custom fields, just fine, but I can't add or sort or filter by those custom fields anymore.

I'll be glad to post the export of the view, if that would help. I apologize if this is something already in the queue, I searched around for it.


Just to add possible data, I can clone the view, and when I do, I can access the other fields, as expected. So, I can work around it for now, by cloning, updating the view, and them importing into the original and overwriting.

This may be the same as the issue identified under:

As a workaround, try disabling Views caching (in the Views settings under the Advanced tab) while you are editing / configuring the View. This may bring back the missing fields. You can re-enable the caching when your edits are done.

Interesting, that seems to be a good workaround. Much quicker than mine, certainly.