i was getting different pdfs when viewed and saved with rules. some elements didnt position the same.
after investigating i found that when a pdf is viewed it uses .tpl.php from views, but when it is saved it doesnt.
i use .tpl.php to remove divs on two views that i include as a field on the views pdf that i use.
i need that the tpl because divs get some space (even if they have height: 0; on the css) and i am not able to make that minimal height works. so i get a extra page when this elements are next to the bottom.

any tips on what i should do to get the pdf saved to use the .tpl.php? thanks :)


Same problem here.

When viewed as link the correct templates are used for my included views
When I save the view by rules the views seems to have taken the standard theme files messing up the layout.

After some serious hours of investigation I have really no clue what the difference is between the two functions.

my solution was creating a view that didnt use divs and i didnt need the tpl.php . i have seen other issues and this is what happens saving a pdf and at the moment i didnt find a solution...

I have the same problem,

I have a rule that saves the PDF after updating/creating node.
When creating new node, the PDF is saved with the content data (so it works normal)

But when I edit and save the the same node, the PDF is not updated with the new content, so I have to go and edit/save the node again.

So, I think that the PDF is created BEFORE the node is updated?!

Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?


I'll take a look if is before or after ...

thx! I tried to have a look for myself, but I can't seem to figure out in wich file the function for saving the PDF is..

any update on this?

Is on my TODO list, dont worry I don't forget about this, just I need 48h in a day to do all what I want.

@killua99 I Actually need this very bad.

Can you give me a hint where to look and what needs to be done to get this working.
Then I might be able to make a patch.

But for now I have no clue where to start making adjustments.
Or where the differences are between the pdf generated by the menu hook and the pdf generated by the rules action hook.