My markers aren't ordering as expected.
Only local images are allowed.

Seems yOrdering is culprit here:
'You can enable y-ordering by passing the parameter yOrdering: true in the vector layer's options hash.'

Is it possible to set this within the drupal openlayers admin, or will I need to edit code?



Image link didn't work. Please see my example here:

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Priority:Normal» Major

If there is no option to control this then this is quite a bad bug surely, looks ridiculous with the markers randomly ordered.

Status:Active» Needs work


This is something to do indeed ! A patch is welcome :)

Status:Needs work» Fixed

Fixed, yOrdering to TRUE by default.

Great news, thanks heaps for all your work!

Status:Fixed» Needs review

I have just been testing with the latest revision and unfortunately am still getting incorrect behaviour with the markers ordered incorrectly... :/

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Could you try now ?

Thank you very much !

Still no luck unfortunately

Just committed some code to fix the problem, could you try again ?


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.