I would like to place some advertisements across my website, if possible, the skyscraper ones - where you can have tall ones at the left hand side and the right hand side of the page. what modules do you recommend for placing skyscraper adverts on my page?



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Do you mean external ads (such as adsense) or ones created by you on your site?

I am using my site to advertise products, so would just be my own products I want to advertise

Is this an e-commerce site with the products being offered for sale?

no it just shows the products we sell, there is no ecommerce on this site, however, for future ecommerce sites I may want to add in some advertisements etc. but for now, its not an ecommerce site


Simpleads would be one choice, there are links toward the bottom of the page to both a blog posting and video on the module.

Great, thanks. Have installed this module, but im not sure how I can get the advertisements to the left and right hand side of the page. I don't even have block regions at the sides of the page. are you able to suggest how I can place adverts at the sides?

thanks again

You would typically need regions there, you could place the ad blocks in the main content region and float the block left or right, will probably need additional css.