I am on UBUNTU 13.04 . I had installed "Example For Developer" from https://drupal.org/project/examples

and now that didn't wanted it, i deleted the example folder from /sites/all/modules and after i deleted folder

(the folder had a lock icon , i deleted using sudo command ) the site is not running now .. i tried to put the

folder again but it doesnot work . please help me to recover my site.

Thank you.


I am guessing you did not disable and uninstall the module first. In that case, you should put the module back, disable, uninstall then remove the module.

I tried putting that folder back to same location but didn't happen . i even tried changing the permission .

Do you get any errors when you visit the site?

actually what happened was i didn't wanted the module so i didn't bother about disabling or uninstalling the module. I deleted the folder directly from the module folder .

So did you put just the folder back or did you also actually try adding the module back?

And what happens when you try and visit the site?

i used "drush" to disable the none cor modules .. seems like it was not deleted from the actual drupal database . now that i deleted it using drush . it works as before .. thanks for your time sir .

have a great day . :)